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1. “Fashion as Communication” by Malcolm Barnard

“Fashion as communication” Book Review: In this book Malcolm Barnard introduces fashion and clothing as a means to communicate and challenge class, gender, sexual and social identities. This fully revised edition portrays a range of theoretical approaches from Barthes and Baudrillard to Marxist, psychoanalytic and feminist theory. This book also discusses the ambivalent status of fashion in contemporary culture.

2. “Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body” by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London

“Dress your best” Book Review: The two knowledge and assertive fashionistas Clinton and Stacy who are the host of the hit cable TV show What Not to Wear set their principles in print in this informative book for both men and women. This book is fully descriptive, reliable and a irreverent fashion guide. This book provides tips on how to dress your best for every occasion.

3. “Marketing Fashion, Second edition: Strategy, Branding and Promotion” by Harriet Posner

“Marketing Fashion, Second edition: Strategy, Branding and Promotion”. Book Review
This book discusses many of the strategic and creative decisions involved in fashion design and product development. This book provides an understanding of marketing and its importance in planning a career in fashion. This book serves as a guide to the fundamental principles of marketing and branding. It also talks about developing brand identity to create a customer within the global fashion and retail industry and haute couture to the mass market. Discussions are provided about the modern marketer’s kit. Deep understanding is provided on attending fashion fairs to viral marketing and online strategies. Examples and case studies are portrayed from a broad range of fashion, textile, and retail businesses. Eventually, the marketing process from initial consumer and market research to the exciting marketing and branding campaigns are discussed. This book is designed for those students at degree foundation level and those who are pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

4. “Dress, Culture and Commerce: The English Clothing Trade before the Factory, 1660–1800” by B Lemire

5. “Dress Casually for Success…for Men: The Art of Dressing Down in Today’s Workplace” by Mark Weber and The Van Heusen Creative Design Group

“Dress casually for success” Book Review: This book talks about how to achieve the casual look by following the guidelines provided in the book. This book helps Men to make fashion decisions for success. This book guides from head to toe in dressing yourself the way you want. Pages of photos, easy-to-use charts, and references are provided for fashion Do’s and Don’ts.

6. “Casual Power: How to Power up Non-Verbal Communication and Dress Down for Success” by Sherry Maysonave

“Casual Power: How to Power Up Your Nonverbal Communication & Dress Down for Success” Book Review: This guidebook portrays how to command respect, inspire trust, and project personal power when dressed down for business. Emphasis are provided on the silent but potent-nonverbal aspects of clothing, demeanor, and body language. This book puts an end to the confusion that surrounds casual attire in the workplace and social invitations requesting casual dress. This book decodes the confusing catch-all term “casual” .

7. “Smart Clothing: Technology and Applications (Human Factors and Ergonomics)” by Gilsoo Cho

“Smart Clothing: Technology and Applications” Book Review: This book discusses the applications of clothing for the general public. It highlights the important human factors aspects that make a product both useful and marketable. This book talks about the state of the art in clothing technology and applications. Each chapter evaluates usability and human aspects relevant to the manufacture and sale of such products .It also talks about the evolving and increasingly wide-ranging applications in fields such as information technology, health care and entertainment. Topics such as interface, communication, energy supply, data management, processors, and actuators are discussed. Analysis is provided on packaging and interconnection, shape memory alloy, and design and modelling of electronic textile applications.

8. “The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation” by Susan Bixler and Nancy Nix-Rice

“The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation” Book Review: This book provides rules on what to wear in the workplace. It provides dress codes for both men and women.This book is specifically written for those who are new to the workforce. This book gives all the right answers to questions regarding business dress, grooming and etiquette. This guidebook contains detailed advice and photographs that show how to get that confident image that will lead to success.

9. “The Fashion Intern” by Michele Granger

“The Fashion Intern” Book Review: This book is designed for those students employed in any segment of the textile and apparel industry. In this book the author portrays her experience with students. This guide, accompanied with a CD-ROM , is meant for students employed in any segment of the apparel, accessories, soft goods and home interior industries. This book is written to assist interns in fashion merchandising, retailing, design, product development, promotion and production. This book motivates interns to view the fashion industry from a marketing perspective.

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