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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Biophysics subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Biophysics along with reviews.

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1. “Biophysics” by R Glaser

“Biophysics: An Introduction” Book Review: This book is a fully revised 2nd edition. The book includes an introductory text covering all steps of biological organization, from the molecular, to the organism level. The book includes updated results and developments concerning photo-biophysics and other topics. The book provides the background needed for fundamental training in biophysics. The book also offers a great deal of advanced biophysical knowledge.

2. “Biochemistry” by Voet and Voet

“Biochemistry, 4/E” Book Review: The book explains the biochemical concepts along with its variation through evolution. The book incorporates both classical and current research to show the historical source of biochemical knowledge.

3. “Biophysics: A Physiological Approach” by Patrick F Dillon

“Biophysics: A Physiological Approach” Book Review: This book is designed for science students. This textbook explains quantitative aspects of human biophysics with examples drawn from contemporary physiology, genetics and nanobiology. The book highlights important physical ideas, equations and examples of contemporary physiology. The book also provides an organization necessary to understand that knowledge. The topics covered in this book include energetics to dynamics and stability.

4. “Fundamentals and Techniques of Biophysics and Molecular Biology” by Pranav Kumar

“Fundamentals and Techniques of Biophysics and Molecular Biology” Book Review: The book covers all important topics related to exams. The book also has each topic explained in a clear manner.

5. “Biophysics” by Vasantha Pattabhi

“Biophysics, 2nd Edition” Book Review: This book addresses the needs of biologists and biochemists. It also contains material for a one-semester course offered to Master’s students of life sciences. The book covers a wide range of topics from quantum mechanics to prebiotic evolution. Only school level mathematics is needed to understand the contents of the book. The book covers various physico chemical techniques used to study biomolecular structures etc. the book provides a detailed coverage of X-ray crystallography and NMR. The second edition has also included related topics namely energy pathways, biomechanics and neuro-biophysics.

6. “Biophysics – An Introduction” by Rodney Cotterill

“Biophysics: An Introduction” Book Review: The book is also useful for graduate students and researchers exploring this field. This book provides a brief and balanced introduction to biological and medical physics. The book is written in an easy and clear style. It combines theory and application. The book also draws examples from the field as a whole. The book begins with a brief introduction to the origins of biophysics.The book also includes very good coverage of biopolymers, biomembranes, biological energy, and nervous systems. The book also discusses recent developments in this field. Each chapter, at the end, provides exercises for students.

7. “Introduction to Biophysics” by Pranab Kumar
8. “Introductory Biophysics:Perspectives on the Living State” by James Claycomb

“Introductory Biophysics:Perspectives on the Living State” Book Review: The book is designed for biology, physics, and medical students. It is designed to prepare students for practical applications of physics. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the complex subject of biological physics. The book contains many computer models and simulations of biophysical phenomena such as thermodynamics.

9. “Essentials of Biophysics” by P Narayanan

“Essentials of Biophysics” Book Review: This book is designed for students and scholars with a biological and medical background. This book is also aimed at the physical sciences faculties. The book focuses on putting forward the quantitative approach in natural sciences. The book contains all the main topics in Biophysics. The book presents the content in a very clear manner. The book also emphasizes on the quantitative approach towards biological, medical and allied subjects. Overviews to sections and summaries to chapters, are provided in a condensed format. The book contains appendices, glossary and index to provide quick access to technical concepts and terms.

10. “Biophysics In Nursing” by Sharma
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