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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Basic Civil Engineering subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Basic Civil Engineering along with reviews.

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1. “Basics of Civil Engineering” by S S Bhavikatti

“Basics of Civil Engineering” Book Review: The book covers essential aspects of civil engineering which are important not only to civil engineers but also for engineers pursuing other branches of engineering. Basic elements of civil engineering have been explained in a lucid and student friendly style in the book. It also consists of in-depth explanation of civil engineering materials, building construction, surveying as well as mapping and sensing. It enables the readers to learn in detail about designing of disaster resistant buildings and help them to get a practical approach towards the topic. The book consists of sketches as well as illustrations making the topics clearer to the students. Practice questions at the end of each chapter helps the readers to assess themselves on the topic.

2. “Handbook of Civil Engineering” by RPH Editorial Board

“Handbook of civil engineering” Book Review: The book is designed for candidates appearing for civil engineering competitive exams. This book provides the essential components of civil engineering in a compact form. The concise content makes it easier and less time consuming for the readers to brush up their concepts and formulae at the last minute. It is very useful for readers not only for revision purposes but also for understanding the core topics of civil engineering and for frequent referral.

3. “Basic Civil Engineering” by Gopi

“Basic Civil Engineering” Book Review: The book serves as a guideline to provide basic as well as important knowledge of civil engineering to non civil branches of engineering students. The book includes essential aspects of civil engineering such as the sources of raw materials, their defects, their characteristics and also their use in the industry. The book also highlights the different stages of construction in a concise manner. In-depth knowledge of basic surveying concepts and major topics like environment engineering, transport traffic, geotechnical engineering, urban engineering, irrigation, water supply engineering and urban engineering have been given in the book. The book includes numerous sketches and illustrations to give a better picture of the topic to the readers.

4. “Basic Civil Engineering” by B C Punmia and Ashok Kumar Jain

“Basic Civil Engineering” Book Review: This book is designed for civil engineering students to understand the core concepts of civil engineering. The book also covers all the topics essential for civil engineering examinations. This book provides an overview of topics like bricks, cements, timber, glass, cement, cement mortar, cement concrete which are important civil engineering materials. The book also discusses the fundamentals of surveying including chain, compass and plane table survey. The book helps readers to learn the concept of levelling and contouring using neat diagrams. It gives an in-depth explanation of building plans,foundations as well as water supply and sanitation.

5. “Basic Civil Engineering” by RAMAMRUTHAM S

“Basic Civil Engineering”: Book Review: This book aims at providing preliminary knowledge about civil engineering to non civil engineering students. It serves as an introductory book for civil engineering and covers all it’s basic concepts. The book covers important topics like civil engineering materials, building and construction, surveying and position, mapping and sensing in great detail. The book consists of important topics like elements of building construction and introduces foundations, brick masonry as well as stone masonry to the learners. The book gives a clear-cut explanation on disaster resistant building and includes the codes for building it’s design. The book consists of various solved problems in the surveying and positioning topic to give a clearer picture of the chapter. The review questions provided at the end of each chapter are useful in helping learners to get a better grasp of the topic.

6. “Basic Civil Engineering” by Rakesh Ranjan Beohar

7. “Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering” by K Mylsamy and S Shanmugasundaram

“Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering” by K Mylsamy and S Shanmugasundaram
Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Book Review: The book aims at providing fundamental understanding of concepts of mechanical and civil engineering to engineering students of all branches. The book covers all the basic concepts of civil as well as mechanical engineering. The book includes the most basic yet important aspects of civil engineering like surveying, levelling, determination of stones, timber, bricks. Along with basic concepts it discusses brick masonry, stone masonry, foundation, beams, flooring, plastering and bridges as well. Basics of interior design and landscaping have been explained clearly in the book. The book also highlights the essential concepts of mechanical engineering like power plants engineering, turbines, pumps, energy resources and air-conditioning systems. It also provides an introduction to mechanisms and basics of manufacturing technology. Exercises at the end of chapter as well as tabular presentation of crucial data makes it easier for students to understand the concepts.

8. “Basic Civil Engineering” by M.S. Palanichamy

“Basic Civil Engineering”: Book Review: The book offers comprehensive knowledge on the core concepts of civil engineering.The book has been designed to meet the requirements of the first course on this subject. The book provides thorough coverage on topics like civil engineering materials, buildings, dams, tall structures, geometric properties of sections, roads, docks and harbors. The book helps readers discover in-depth exploration of surveying and water and environmental engineering. The book also explains about water sources, water disinfection and ways of solid waste management. It provides theoretical as well as practical aspects of interior designing and landscaping.

9. “Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering” by A Kumaragurubaran

10. “A Textbook of Engineering Mechanics and Basic Civil Engineering” by Gupta J P

“Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering” Book Review: This book serves as a guide for all B.E/B.Tech students. It provides detailed explanations on various topics under engineering mechanics and civil engineering. In the first half, the book covers chapters like centroid and moment of inertia friction, transmission Of Power and Simple Lifting Machine, Shear Force and Bending Moment with proper diagrams and step by step explanation. The second half features basic civil engineering topics like Civil Engineering Materials, Building Construction, Surveying And Positioning, Mapping And Sensing and Disaster Resistant Building. The book contains Viva questions and their answers and also previous year question papers with solutions to help learners evaluate themselves on their knowledge.

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