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1. “Computer Automation in Manufacturing: An introduction” by Thomas O Boucher

“Computer Automation in Manufacturing: An Introduction” Book Review: This book is designed for undergraduate students with a background of physics and calculus. This book provides instructions about computer architecture, interfacing of mechanical systems and software development. The book starts with the basic topics such as development in manufacturing technology for automation and hierarchical model of automation. The book covers the architecture of microprocessor based systems, sensors and automatic data acquisition, actuators and the performance of work, control theory, programmable logic controllers and supervisory control of manufacturing systems. The book contains a summary at the end of every chapter which helps to review the chapter. The book provides exercises at the end of each chapter which enables the better understanding of topics covered.

2. “Intelligent Manufacturing Systems” by Andrew Kusiak

“Intelligent Manufacturing Systems” Book Review: This book defines the structure and function of knowledge based systems. This book presents hardware and software components of flexible machining, flexible assembly and computer integrated manufacturing systems. The book covers the optimization-based systems in the areas of design of products and components, design for automated assembly, process planning, equipment procurement, layout design, group technology, planning and scheduling. This book includes discussions of manufacturing, artificial intelligence and optimization concepts. This book provides a presentation of design and management aspects of modern manufacturing systems.

3. “Manufacturing Systems: An introduction to the technologies” by D J Williams

“Manufacturing Systems: An Introduction to the technologies” Book Review: The book introduces the principles of individual technologies and their integration into complete, automated, programmable manufacturing facilities and systems. The book indicates how the complete manufacturing facility can be viewed as a system. This book is designed for undergraduate seniors, postgraduate students and practising engineers. This book deals with essential topics as factory layouts, machine tool programming languages, advanced machine tools, industrial robots and automated cells.

4. “Manufacturing Processes and Systems” by Phillip F Ostwald and Jairo Munoz

“Manufacturing processes and Systems” Book Review: The book provides over 400 manufacturing processes and uses a systems direction to manufacturing. This book provides the modern definition of processes and its evaluation. The book also includes the recent developments in the subject. The book starts with the topic: The manufacturing system. This book covers nature and properties of materials, production of ferrous metals, production of nonferrous metals, foundry processes, contemporary casting processes, pressworking and operations, heat treating, plastic materials and processes, electronic fabrication, metrology and testing, quality systems, cost estimating, bibliography, operations planning and photo credits.

5. “Cellular Manufacturing Systems: An Integrated Approach” by Parashar and B S Nagendra

“Cellular Manufacturing Systems: An Integrated Approach” Book Review: This book is designed for postgraduate students of mechanical engineering and production engineering with specific knowledge in manufacturing systems. The book starts with the introduction and history of cellular manufacturing. This book covers cell formation techniques, processing the exceptional components in cellular manufacturing, evaluation of cellular manufacturing solutions, cell characteristics, production control activities in cellular manufacturing, implementation issues in cellular manufacturing. The book provides a case study about cellular manufacturing. This book provides review questions at the end of every chapter. The book provides conclusions at the end of each chapter.

6. “Manufacturing Decision Support Systems (Manufacturing Systems Engineering Series)” by imusti
7. “Changeable and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing)” by imusti
8. “Stochastic Models of Manufacturing Systems” by J George Shanthikumar and J A Buzacott

“Stochastic Models of Manufacturing Systems” Book Review: This book is designed for professionals working in the area of manufacturing system modelling. The book discusses the major issues that have to be addressed in the design and operation of each type of system. The book covers flow lines, job shops, transfer lines, flexible manufacturing systems, flexible assembly systems, cellular systems. This book explores the stochastic models of different varieties of manufacturing systems.

9. “Industrial Hydraulic Systems: Theory and Practice” by Joji Parambath

“Industrial hydraulic Systems: Theory and Practice” Book Review: This book is designed for designers, engineers, technicians, and students of engineering colleges, polytechnics, and vocational training centers. This book covers conventional hydraulic systems surrounding fixed-displacement pumps, control valves, actuators, conventional hydraulic systems surrounding variable-displacement pumps. The book also describes auxiliary devices such as reservoirs, filters, accumulators and piping. The quantities in this book are given in the SI system as well as in the English system of units. The book provides information about hydrostatic transmission, cartridge valves, load sensing pump controls, design, installation and maintenance aspects of hydraulic systems. This book provides working examples, design problems and review questions at the end of every chapter.

10. “Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis” by B Wu

“Manufacturing System Design and Analysis” Book Review: This book describes how structured approaches in design and evaluation of modern manufacturing plant may be adopted, with the aim of improving the performance of the factory as a whole. This book starts with the overview of manufacturing systems analysis in the technological age. The book is divided into four parts. The first part of the book deals with systems. The second part of the book deals with manufacturing. The third part of the book deals with systems engineering and the fourth part deals with manufacturing systems. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

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