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1. “Automatic Generation of Combinatorial Test Data” by Jian Zhang and Zhiqiang Zhang

“Automatic Generation of Combinatorial Test Data” Book Review: This volume evaluates development in combinatorial testing and significantly focuses on the automated creation of test data. The book explains the fundamental approaches such as algebraic construction, greedy methods, evolutionary determination, constraint analysing and development. It describes crucial algorithms with illustrations. This work enumerates numerous test generation tools along with benchmarks and implementations. The book is appropriate for researchers and professionals in the fields of software testing, combinatorics, constraint solving and evolutionary computation.

2. “Analytic Curve Frequency-Sweeping Stability Tests for Systems with Commensurate Delays” by Xu-Guang Li and Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

“Analytic Curve Frequency-Sweeping Stability Tests for Systems with Commensurate Delays” Book Review: This work institutes a new frequency-sweeping structure to answer the absolute stability issue for time-delay systems with commensurate delays. The book explains a rational curve approach for thorough knowledge of spectral features emphasising on the asymptotic behavior of the attribute roots situated on the imaginary axis and on characteristics invariant with respect to the delay parameters. The work presents the asymptotic behavior related by a distinct unconventional concept, the dual Puiseux series. It explains how dual Puiseux series is useful to make frequency-sweeping curves handy in the study of general time-delay systems. It is appropriate for academic researchers, graduate students, practitioners working.

3. “Automatic Test Equipment” by Keith Brindley

“Automatic Test Equipment” Book Review: The volume cites a comprehensive and brief explanation of automatic test technologies. The text evaluates the term of automatic test equipment. It encompasses the strategies, techniques and methods applied by automatic test equipment systems. It inculcates the topics of the kinds of test equipment and fixtures. It also covers computer and instrument buses and all-purpose interface buses. It includes the VMEbus and VXIbus. It is appropriate for practitioners from various areas who want to apply automatic test equipment in their work.

4. “Test Pattern Generation using Boolean Proof Engines” by Rolf Drechsler and Stephan Eggersg

“Test Pattern Generation using Boolean Proof Engines” Book Review: This book presents an introduction to ATPG. It analyses the fundamental concept and traditional ATPG algorithms. The book discusses the formulation as a SAT problem. The text introduces and analyses advanced methodologies for SAT-based ATPG in the theme of an industrial environment. The volume encompasses productive instance generation, application of various fault models and thorough experiments on multi-million gate designs. The text explains development in the subject, highlights research perspectives and guidance for future work.

5. “An Engineer’s Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces (Computingsoftware)” by Jose Moreira and Hubert Werkmann

“An Engineer’s Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces (Computingsoftware)” Book Review: This volume presents updates to show recent development of high-speed digital testing with automated test equipment technology (ATE). The book encompasses every major aspect of automated testing, an introduction to high-speed digital fundamentals. Further it cites explanations of industry standards, ATE and bench instrumentation for digital implementations. It encompasses test and measurement methodologies for characterization and production environment.the text surveys the recent trend of merging high-speed digital testing within the fields of photonic and wireless testing.

6. “Design and Test: Using Computer Aided Engineering for Automatic Test Equipment” by Kenneth P Parker
7. “Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods” by Mark Baker

“Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods” Book Review: The text is based more on applications-oriented approach rather than theoretical and mathematical. The book provides knowledge of the necessities of mixed signal testing methodologies. The volume focuses on generally applied devices and systems like PLLs and DSP. It thoroughly cites sampling theory. It focuses to form an inherent understanding of mixed signal testing.

8. “Automatic Test Equipment: Hardware, Software and Management” by F Liguori
9. “Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems (Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems)” by Justyna Zander and Ina Schieferdecker

“Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems (Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems)” Book Review: The book covers a broad knowledge of deriving tests from UML statecharts and model-based testing. It covers the concept of testing embedded systems as a natural implementation of MBT. It presents concepts comprehensively, deeply and briefly. The book contains current research developments which are in a form ready for practical use. It encompasses every key technical and scientific perspective and very engrossing insights into the state of practice of model-based testing for embedded systems.

10. “DSP–Based Testing of Analog and Mixed–Signal Circuits (Systems)”

“DSP–Based Testing of Analog and Mixed–Signal Circuits (Systems)” Book Review: This book provides solutions to the generally asked problems about how digital signal processing-based machines operate. It also answers what function DSP performs in the process. The book presents how DSP executes in real-test conditions and applies mathematical concepts instead of derivations. It cites difficult test questions and their answers coming from the union of automatic test equipment (ATE) and DSP. it forms a theory of DSP-based testing explaining how to begin with a problem, how to solve it and how to calculate if it really functions properly.

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