8 Best Books on Macro and Nano Scale

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Macro and Nano Scale, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Macro and Nano Scale Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Macro and Nano Scale below.

1."Nano/Micro Science and Technology in Biorheology" by Rio Kita and Toshiaki Dobashi
“Nano/Micro Science and Technology in Biorheology” Book Review: This book delves into the latest research on the molecular structure and function of biomaterials, examining studies performed at both the nano and micro scale. It presents innovative technologies and methodologies aimed at clarifying molecular mechanisms and macroscopic relationships. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the basic principles involved in these studies, offering helpful, step-by-step explanations of methodologies and insight into medical applications. It is a valuable resource for academics, industry scientists, and graduate students working or studying in bio-related fields.

2."Nanoscale Thermoelectrics (Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology)" by Xiaodong Wang and Zhiming M Wang
“Nanoscale Thermoelectrics (Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology)” Book Review: Nanostructured thermoelectric phenomenon is the focus of this book, which provides a comprehensive introduction to the field and serves as a guide to further research. It explains various thermoelectric materials and nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes, SiGe nanowires, and graphene nanoribbons, while also describing the underlying theory. This book will prove useful to those in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Materials Science departments.

3."Thermal analysis of Micro, Nano- and Non-Crystalline Materials: Transformation, Crystallization, Kinetics and Thermodynamics (Hot Topics in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry)" by Jaroslav and Peter Simon
“Thermal analysis of Micro, Nano- and Non-Crystalline Materials: Transformation, Crystallization, Kinetics and Thermodynamics (Hot Topics in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry)” Book Review: This book is a valuable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as researchers working in the field of material thermodynamics. It provides a comprehensive exploration of reaction thermodynamics and kinetics applied to solid state chemistry and thermal physics of different material states. The book covers key topics such as phenomenological kinetics, equilibrium background, crystal defects, non-stoichiometry, and nano-crystallinity, offering insights into fundamental and historical aspects. Additionally, it delves into glass transition temperatures, glass forming coefficients, and the role of heat transfer and phase transition in DTA experiments. With discussions on DTA/DSC methods, crystal nucleation estimation, structural relaxation, viscosity behavior, and relaxation kinetics in glass, this book offers a thorough understanding of these subjects.

4."Macro-Micro Theory on Multifield Coupling Behavior of Heterogeneous Materials" by Qinghua Qin and Qing-Sheng Yang
5."Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials: From Microstructure to Macro–Scale Properties (ISTE)" by Oana Cazacu
“Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials: From Microstructure to Macro–Scale Properties (ISTE)” Book Review: This book provides an overview of recent advances in computational methods for linking phenomena in systems that span large ranges of time and spatial scales. It particularly focuses on predicting macroscopic properties based on subscale behaviors, covering multi-scale methods for modeling both metallic and geologic materials. It will be a valuable resource for graduate students, scientists, and practitioners alike.

6."Macro– to Microscale Heat Transfer: The Lagging Behavior" by D Y Tzou
“Macro– to Microscale Heat Transfer: The Lagging Behavior” Book Review: This book takes a unified approach to describing heat and mass transport from macro, micro to nanoscale. It covers topics such as kinetic theory and quantum mechanics, non-equilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics, molecular dynamics, fractal theory, and fraction model, as well as recent extensions. The extensions include the lagging behavior in mass transport, nonlocal behavior in space, bearing the same merit of thermal lagging in time, and shrinking the ultrafast response down to the nanoscale. The book includes easy-to-follow mathematical formulations.

7."Applications of Nanofluid for Heat Transfer Enhancement (Micro and Nano Technologies)" by Davood Domairry Ganji and Mohsen Sheikholeslami
“Applications of Nanofluid for Heat Transfer Enhancement (Micro and Nano Technologies)” Book Review: Recent progress in computational fluid dynamic and nonlinear science and their applications to nanofluid flow and heat transfer are explored in this book. The opening chapters explain governing equations, followed by discussions of free and forced convection heat transfers of nanofluids. Next, the effect of nanofluid in the presence of an electric field, magnetic field, and thermal radiation are investigated. The models discussed in the book have applications in various fields, including mathematics, physics, information science, biology, medicine, engineering, nanotechnology, and materials science. It provides an understanding of the fundamentals in new numerical and analytical methods, including codes for each modeling method discussed, along with advice on how to best apply them.

8."Piezoelectric-Based Vibration Control: From Macro to Micro/Nano Scale Systems" by Nader Jalili
“Piezoelectric-Based Vibration Control: From Macro to Micro/Nano Scale Systems 2010th Edition” Book Review: This is a comprehensive book that explores the applications of piezoelectric materials in vibration control across various scales. The book covers a wide range of topics including the fundamentals of piezoelectricity, vibration control principles, modeling and analysis techniques, design methodologies, and implementation strategies. With its in-depth coverage and practical insights, this book serves as a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and students interested in the field of vibration control and its applications in macro, micro, and nano scale systems.

We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Macro and Nano Scale and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Macro and Nano Scale and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Macro and Nano Scale books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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