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1. “Applied Micropalaeontology” by J M Jenkins

“Applied Micropalaeontology” Book Review: The book includes seven original case studies, each explaining the application of micropaleontology and palynology in applied geology. First case illustrates a study of modern distribution of Coccolith sedimentation in the north sea. Further case studies describe ostracods, a biogenic gas seep and hydrocarbon exploitation in the north sea. The book also demonstrates the application of paleontology and sedimentology to sequence stratigraphy. Most chapters of the book are prepared by different scientists from industry. It also covers the study of microfossils which is useful for stratigraphers, petroleum geologists. The book is also required for engineers and economic geologists working in hydrocarbon exploration and basin analysis.

2. “Micropaleontology: Principles and Applications” by M S Srinivasan and Pratul Kumar Saraswati

“Micropaleontology: Principles and Applications” Book Review: This book helps readers to study the basic skills required to study microfossils without any background in paleontology. It explains important concepts and how to identify different types of microfossils. The book also demonstrates various potential applications in solving geologic problems. It also covered the basic principles which explore the strength and limitation of microfossils and their geological results. The book covers topics including an understanding of taphonomy and quality of the fossil records, biomineralization and biogeochemistry, taxonomy, concepts of species and basic concepts of ecology. It also helps to learn the important types of microfossils, including their morphology, ecology, and geologic history. This book will be more useful for students and professionals to understand microfossils.

3. “Micropaleontology: Application of Stratigraphy and Paleoceanography” by Devesh K Sinha

“Micropaleontology: Application of Stratigraphy and Paleoceanography” Book Review: This book contains 26 peer reviewed papers. It explains the various applications of microfossils in stratigraphy and paleoceanography. The papers addressing stratigraphy include geological time from Proterozoic to Cenzoic. Also, the papers on paleoceanography include areas like deep sea hiatuses, global carbon cycles, ocean circulation and related climate changes, extraterrestrial events, upwelling and productivity etc.. This edition of the book explains the current progress in application of micropaleontology in stratigraphy and paleoceanography.

4. “Micropaleontology” by Gandhi M Suresh
5. “Elements of Micropalaeontology” by Gérard Bignot

“Elements of Micropalaeontology” Book Review: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the features, technology and principles of the product RAC which is part of the Oracle9i. It divides into three main sections including different areas of the application/database design, development and maintenance life cycles. The book starts with the basic introduction to the concepts of the different hardware architectures and the available clustering technology. It also demonstrates the pros and cons, leading into discussion of the RAC technology. The book also explains the different theories of asynchronous and synchronous processing. It also illustrates how this theory can be applied to the database tier of enterprise architecture.

6. “Introduction to Marine Micropaleontology” by B U Haq and A Boersma

“Introduction to Marine Micropaleontology” Book Review: This textbook perfectly demonstrates the state of the art illustration. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject. It also explains the applications of marine microfossils in paleoceanographic, paleoenvironmental and biostratigraphic analyses. This book covers the updated Phanerozoic geologic time which has been considerably modified since the 1980s.

7. “Paleomicrobiology of Humans” by Michel Drancourt and Didier Raoult

“Paleomicrobiology of Humans” Book Review: The new edition of the book provides a comprehensive overview with color illustrations. It features the different methodology and important achievements in the field of paleomicrobiology. This is a perfect book for scientists in related fields.

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