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1. “Microprocessor Architecture Programming and Application” by Gaonkar

“Microprocessor Architecture Programming and Application” Book Review: The book focuses on microprocessors and their properties and applications. Students of undergraduate and graduate-level courses with a preliminary knowledge of digital logic can refer to this book. Both software and hardware aspects of microprocessors are dealt with. The book focuses primarily on the 8085 microprocessor family. Further, a wide range of applications of microprocessors are also covered.

2. “An Introduction to Mechatronics” by David G Alciatore and Michale B Histand

“An Introduction to Mechatronics” Book Review: The book provides an overview of the vast and expanding topic of mechatronics. Engineering students and working professionals of the field of mechatronics and related branches can access this book. The fundamental topics essential for understanding complex phenomena like electrical circuits, solid-state devices, digital circuits and motors are covered first. Design aspects are elucidated using design examples. Recent advances in the field such as SEMS, sensor technology and micromachines are also accounted for. Other topics covered are measurement systems, circuits, interfacing, sensors, actuators and design analysis and synthesis of mechatronic systems.

3. “Microprocessors and their Operating Systems” by R C Holland

“Microprocessors and their Operating Systems” Book Review: The book deals with a variety of microprocessors and operating systems involved. It may be of use to undergraduate students and researchers carrying out studies in the field as well. The book focuses on three main microprocessor families- 8, 16 and 32 bit. Both software and hardware aspects are discussed well in depth. The architectures of the family of microprocessors are covered. Method of operation along with a detailed instruction set for each microprocessor is provided. Concepts of important operating systems such as CP/M, DOS and UNIX are also explained.

4. “Integrated Circuits and Microprocessors” by R C Holland

“Integrated Circuits and Microprocessors” Book Review: The book covers all the important aspects of integrated circuits and microprocessors. It is recommended to undergraduate students studying the subject. The book briefly describes all the three essential components of the modern day integrated circuits – digital circuits, analogue circuits and microprocessors. Special emphasis is laid on the fault finding procedures for modern electronic devices. Worked out problems are presented throughout the text aiding the students in an enhanced understanding of the elucidated concepts.

5. “Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems (Embedded Technology)” by Tim Wescott

“Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems (Embedded Technology)” Book Review: The topic of the book is embedded systems. It can be referred to by students and researchers alike. The primary focus of the book is on practical and real life examples and applications of embedded systems and embedded technology. The required mathematical concepts are elucidated wherever deemed necessary. Fundamentals of control theory are explained. Design of working systems is again done by elucidating the practical examples. Recent technological advances of the field like embedded digital controllers are also accounted for.

6. “Fundamental of Digital Electronics And Microprocessors” by A K Chhabra
7. “Microprocessors: Epo Applied Technology Series” by O A R Cornillie

“Microprocessors: Epo Applied Technology Series” by O A R Cornillie Book Review: The book consists of various aspects and topics related to microprocessors. It can be accessed by students and researchers of the field. The book begins by providing an overview of the basics of microprocessors and the required software used. Subsequent sections focus on the various kinds of control technologies such as program control, digital control and electrical control motor. Applications such as those in the field of medical sciences are given importance. Measuring instruments are also covered.

8. “Interfacing Microprocessors in Hydraulic Systems” by Alan Kleman
9. “Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessor Systems (Embedded Technology Series)” by Stuart Ball

“Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessor Systems (Embedded Technology Series)” Book Review: The main idea of the book is interfacing of analog devices with microprocessor systems. Students of both graduate and undergraduate level courses can refer to this book. Measurement and control techniques of analog quantities in embedded systems are explained in depth. The book also elucidates the practical control applications.

10. “A Textbook of Applied Electronics” by Sedha R S
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