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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Apparel Industry Management subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Apparel Industry Management along with reviews.

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1. “Quality Management Handbook for the Apparel Industry” by Pradip V Mehta

“Quality Management Handbook for the Apparel Industry” Book Review: This book acts as a guide for technicians, quality control inspectors, supervisors and managers. It also helps purchasing agents, executives and upper-level undergraduates as well as graduate students associated with the apparel industry.This book describes quality and its importance. It provides a relationship between quality and profitability. This book reports measuring quality, building it into products, and improving it. It helps to measure cost of poor quality and organize effective management of quality.

2. “Managing Productivity in Apparel Industry” by Rajesh Bheda

“Managing Productivity in Apparel Industry” Book Review: This book serves the needs of apparel manufacturer retailer sourcing agent academician policy makers. It also helps the apparel technology student. This book is committed to improve productivity in the apparel industry. It establishes almost hundred percent productivity improvement potential. This book lets manufacturers and managers assess the productivity improvement potential available. It provides nine cases on how productive apparel manufacturers shall inspire improvement actions. This book also discusses the two stage productivity improvement strategy.

3. “Market Research and Analysis of Apparel Industry in Germany” by Singh Divyanshu

“Market Research and Analysis of Apparel Industry in Germany” Book Review: This book deals with the apparel market in Germany. It supplies the basis for developing marketing strategies for apparels in the German market. This book acts as a foundation for establishing an apparel business in Germany. It discusses how the apparel industry entrepreneurs go along the trend to fulfil the demands of their fashionable customers. This book provides factors on which apparels or clothing of the customers depends on. It discusses how to strategize the business according to the changing trend.

4. “A Study On Human Resource Management In Apparel Industry” by V Sankar

“A Study On Human Resource Management In Apparel Industry” Book Review: This book provides a basic understanding of human resource managerial practices in the apparel industry. It provides the awareness of the conceptual framework of human resource management. It discusses various dimensions of human resource management. This book gives the analysis and interpretation of data. It discusses the various types of distribution of respondents. This book also includes the reliability values of HRM dimensions.

5. “Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry” by Jeff Finley

“Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry” Book Review: This book works as a planning guide to the t-shirt design business. It provides the strategies used by the industry’s most successful indie apparel designers and brands. This book has all the information to design commodities for your favorite brands or indie clothing companies. It also contains the particulars to start your own fashion brand. This book reports the contributions from the people behind threadless, emptees, designed by humans. It also provides the offerings from big cartels, I am the trend, go media, jakprints, glamour kills, paint the stars, cure apparel, fright rags,etc.

6. “Apparel Production Terms and Processes” by Janace E Bubonia

“Apparel Production Terms and Processes” Book Review: This book explains the materials and terms that are associated with the mass production of raw materials. It also describes the design and product development, garment details and component parts, fit, patternmaking. This book includes the pre-production operations, assembly, production and manufacturing, labeling regulations. It also covers the testing and quality control, inspection, finishing and packaging. This book provides the relationship between each step in the production process. Each chapter gives a brief introduction and terms that are listed and grouped according to the application.

7. “A Comparison of Sourcing Strategies in the Apparel Industry. Case Study of the H&M Group and Inditex” by Rob Nijmeijer

“A Comparison of Sourcing Strategies in the Apparel Industry. Case Study of the H&M Group and Inditex” Book Review: This book considers the result obtained through outsourcing and in-house production. It discusses how Inditex mostly produces H&M’s products in-house. It measures the performance by different variables. These variables include costs, agility, asset utilization and product quality. In these variables, costs and asset utilization were measured using an independent sample t-test. It compares costs of goods sold, salary expenses and overall expenses as a percentage of the revenue. This book measures asset utilization by comparing the return on assets ratio.

8. “Apparel Production Management and the Technical Package” by Paula J Myers-McDevitt

“Apparel Production Management and the Technical Package” Book Review: This book presents the fundamentals of apparel production management. These are provided along with the instructions for creating each component of a production package. It discusses the management process. This is done from the costing and planning that takes place, to the off-shore production processes. It includes sourcing, assembly and finishing. It also contains packaging and distribution.

9. “Information Systems for the Fashion and Apparel Industry (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)” by Tsan-Ming Jason Choi

“Information Systems for the Fashion and Apparel Industry (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)” Book Review: This book provides the requirements of the fashion and apparel industry professionals and academics. This book covers the information on systems for the fashion and apparel industry. It unites latest developments and industrial best-practices in apparel supply chain management. It contains input from a team of highly knowledgeable authors with a range of professional and academic experience. This book analyses the range of applications for information systems in the fashion and apparel industry. This helps to improve customer choice, aid design, implement intelligent forecasting. It also helps in procurement systems, and manage inventory and returns.

10. “Apparel Manufacturing: Sewn Product Analysis” Ruth E Glock

“Apparel Manufacturing: Sewn Product Analysis” Book Review: This book contains the thorough coverage of all surfaces of the apparel manufacturing process. It covers product development from the analysis phase through product standards, specifications and design phases. This book focuses on inter-related decision-making. This is needed for apparel product development. It includes sections on the dimensions of apparel management and quality management. It also provides information on materials selection, production planning, and the complete financial portion of the business. This book wraps apparel engineering, pre-production operations, and a pertinent discussion of technology and equipment.

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