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1. “Aircraft Performance and Design” by John Anderson

“Aircraft Performance and Design” Book Review: This book describes aircraft performance techniques from first principles and applies them to real airplanes. Techniques of aircraft designs are also shown. The book covers a degree of synergism.

2. “Aircraft Performance” by Maido Saarlas

“Aircraft Performance” Book Review: The book covers methods to design and operate aircraft to meet performance specifications. The book includes topics like level and climbing flight, range and endurance, take-off and landing, and maneuvering flight. The book concentrates on the energy methods applied to path performance analysis. The book helps the readers to implement calculations and concepts in real life situations. Basic as well as complex problems are provided in the book for practice purposes. The book highlights aerodynamics, propulsion and inputs. Some appendices provide aerodynamic and propulsive equations and data. The book consists of basic energy concepts which are divided into vertical and horizontal approaches. The book is beneficial for upper level undergraduate and graduate students in engineering. It also acts as a reference for design engineers in both military and industrial sectors to calculate aircraft performance.

3. “Advanced Aircraft Flight Performance (Cambridge Aerospace Series)” by Antonio Filippone

“Advanced Aircraft Flight Performance (Cambridge Aerospace Series)” Book Review: This book describes aircraft flight performance, commercial aircraft and high-performance military aircraft. The book is a discipline analysis which covers flight simulation with software validation at different levels. The book consists of topics such as geometrical configurations, configuration aerodynamics, determination of aerodynamic derivatives, weight engineering, propulsion systems, aircraft trim, flight envelopes, mission analysis, trajectory optimisation, aircraft noise, noise trajectories and analysis of environmental performance. The book features environmental performance of the aircraft, aircraft noise and carbon dioxide emissions.

4. “Aircraft Performance” by Mohammad Sadraey

“Aircraft Performance” Book Review: This book introduces flight performance analysis of air vehicles, particularly heavier than air craft. The book covers maximum speed, absolute ceiling, rate of climb, maximum range, maximum endurance, and take off run. Jet aircraft and pop driven aircraft are also included in the book. This subject acts as a guide for aircraft designers, practicing engineers, pilots, and aircraft manufacturing companies, airlines, air forces and students in the field of aeronautical engineering.

5. “Aircraft Performance” by M Layton
6. “Fighter Aircraft Performance of WW2” by Erik Pilawskii

“Fighter Aircraft Performance of WW2” Book Review: This book examines fighter aircraft of the second world war. The book covers aspects of performance and aircraft details. Historical context is provided for each theory of operation. The book contains various designs of theoretical single combat to focus on strength and weakness of the machine. The book also includes a full page data card for each aircraft providing specifications for each type.

7. “Aircraft Performance and Sizing: Applied Aerodynamic Design” by Timothy Takahashi

“Aircraft Performance and Sizing: Applied Aerodynamic Design” Book Review: The book is suitable for the students or experienced professional aircraft designers. The book consists of performance based aircraft design, systems engineering principles, aircraft mass properties, aerodynamic design of transonic wings, aircraft stability, control, takeoff and landing runway performance. The book is beneficial for the undergraduate aircraft design course and classically trained practicing engineers.

8. “Introduction to Aircraft Performance, Selection and Design” by Francis J Hale

“Introduction to Aircraft Performance, Selection and Design” Book Review: This book features aircraft forces and subsystems that are level flight in vertical plane, turbojets, other flight in the vertical plane, turning flight in the horizontal plane, level flight in the vertical Plane and piston props. The book also covers topics on turboprops, turbofans, figures of merit for selection and design, effects of wind on performance, stability and control considerations. Design examples and appendixes are also included.

9. “Aircraft Performance and Sizing: Fundamentals of Aircraft Performance” by Timothy Takahashi

“Aircraft Performance and Sizing: Fundamentals of Aircraft Performance” Book Review: This book comprises key fundamental subjects for aerodynamic performance analysis. Topics such as basics of flight mechanics bridging, engineering and piloting perspectives, propulsion system performance attributes, practical drag prediction methods, aircraft “up and away” flight performance and aircraft mission performance are all highlighted in this book in detail. This book acts as a guide for undergraduate aircraft performance courses and classically trained practicing engineers.

10. “Aircraft Performance: Theory and Practice” by imusti

“Aircraft Performance: Theory and Practice” Book Review: This book highlights european aircraft performance requirements and the joint aviation regulations operations rules. The book covers conditions under which european public transport aeroplanes operate. The book is important for JAA flight crew licensing syllabus and examinations for commercial and airline transport licences. The book will act as a guide for commercial pilots in their annual standardization test and to flight planners, operations staff and airport operators.

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