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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Agile Manufacturing subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Agile Manufacturing along with reviews.

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1. “Transition to Agile Manufacturing” by Joseph C Montigomery and Lawrecne O Levine

“Transition to Agile Manufacturing” Book Review: This textbook provides information on organizational alignment and agility so that manufacturing companies can organize their resources and gain a competitive edge. The coverage of the book expands on the topics describing how agile manufacturing can rapidly develop new products and produce fast and flexible responses to customer needs. It covers theory as well as provides practical tips on how to get started and how to avoid potential pitfalls which can be especially beneficial for small to mid-sized manufacturers who generally have limited resources at their disposal. The chapters are supplemented with an abundant number of figures and tables and features proven techniques and practices that can increase flexibility and productivity in an organisation.

2. “Agile Product Development for Mass Customization” by David M Anderson and B Joseph

“Agile Product Development for Mass Customization” Book Review: This textbook demonstrates unique methodologies that can be used to customize quality products quickly and easily. It emphasizes on practical knowledge and skills that can enhance the manufacturer’s ability to produce customized products at mass production with speed and efficiency. The book covers leading-edge techniques to enhance agility, improve variety, reduce costs, develop products more quickly, speed delivery, and satisfy unique customer needs. It also provides discussions on how to develop and deliver products for mass customization, niche markets and flexible manufacturing.

3. “Agile Manufacturing” by Paul T Kidd

“Agile Manufacturing” Book Review: This textbook provides analysis of Agile Manufacturing for designing and implementing manufacturing systems, technologies, and organizations where the emphasis is on levering the skills and knowledge of people in the organization. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the whole concept of Agile Manufacturing and various challenges and mistaken beliefs that surround it. The coverage of the book expands through the key concepts of Agile Manufacturing, basis of Agile Manufacturing enterprise design, suitable system design processes for achieving Agile Manufacturing, new management accounting and investment paradigm, skill and knowledge enhancing technologies etc.

4. “Lean and Agile Manufacturing: Theoretical, Practical and Research Futurities” by Devadasan S R

“Lean and Agile Manufacturing: Theoretical, Practical and Research Futurities” Book Review: This textbook sheds light on the ideals of lean and agile manufacturing paradigms. It briefly describes the principles of lean manufacturing with their application procedures, use of value stream mapping tools for the implementation of lean manufacturing programmes etc. The book is composed of a total of eighteen chapters. Some of the chapters present in the book are: Agility through Competitive Driver, Agility through Technology Driver, Lean Manufacturing through Total Productive Maintenance, Visual Management, Single Minute Exchange of Die, and 5S Concepts etc. The chapters are supplemented with problems, conclusions and references for in-depth understanding.

5. “Agile Manufacturing” by Chowdiah M P

“Agile Manufacturing” Book Review: This textbook provides a comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of Agile Manufacturing. The book sheds lights on its advantages, applications, inputs and outputs, importance and core concepts. The theory is supported by representative case studies for in-depth study. It also covers designing and implementing manufacturing systems using new and emerging technologies, organizational management, development of the needed capability to respond to the demands of highly customized products of high quality and research-based technologies to support futuristic manufacturing systems. The book can benefit engineering students as well as practicing engineers.

6. “Agile Manufacturing: The 21st Century Competitive Strategy” by A Gunasekaran

“Agile Manufacturing: The 21st Century Competitive Strategy” Book Review: This textbook provides an introduction to Agile Manufacturing for undergraduate and graduate students in manufacturing systems design and management, industrial engineering and information technology as well as researchers in the related fields. It provides a conceptual and theoretical basis for the design and implementation of Agile Manufacturing Systems. It also discusses policy directives and plans of agile manufacturing that guide the monitoring and evaluating the manufacturing strategies and their performance. The textbook makes an effective use of problem solving approach while emphasizing on the complexities involved in Agile Manufacturing.

7. “Agile Manufacturing Systems: Approach for Enhancing Agility of Organisations and Processes” by K Hans Raj and Alok K Verma

“Agile Manufacturing Systems: Approach for Enhancing Agility of Organisations and Processes” Book Review: This textbook provides a succinct exposition on agile methods from the design, manufacturing and business process perspectives. The coverage of the book sweeps through a wide range of topics such as systemic considerations in manufacturing, agile software systems, agile business systems, agile operations research and the many other types of manufacturing systems. The book can benefit undergraduate and graduate students in industrial and production engineering as well as industrial practitioners, academic researchers and engineers.

8. “Agile Manufacturing” by Sreenivasa C G and Devadasan S R

“Agile Manufacturing” Book Review: This textbook demonstrates implementation of Agile Manufacturing that can help manufacturers thrive in a highly competitive global market. It particularly focuses on the implementation of AM paradigm in the production of refrigeration and regenerative hair dryers. The textbook highlights the relatively slower pace of application of AM paradigm the manufacturing of traditional engineering products such as air-conditioners, compressors, hair dryers, generators, motors and refrigerators and provides detailed discussions on ways through which the manufacturing companies of these traditional products can acquire AM characteristics at a higher pace to face the onslaught of competition.

9. “Agile Manufacturing” by M Chowdiah and Gargesa Gopinath
10. “Agile Manufacturing” by Hejaaji Adel

“Agile Manufacturing” Book Review: This textbook covers the basics of Agile Manufacturing while focusing on the implementation of Agility Manufacturing in small and medium size manufacturing enterprises or SMEs. It discusses the various changes and challenges faced by these SMEs to thrive in the market and maps out new strategies to match market conditions, and customer demands in a way that maintains or creates competitive advantage. It highlights the applications of agility for handling unanticipated change occurring at the early stage of the product development cycle and to be able to face the continuous and unanticipated change. The textbook provides practical tools and methodology that can be adopted by the SMEs to stay competitive in the marketplace and develop the ability to react faster to unplanned changes and demands.

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