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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Advanced Structural Geology subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Advanced Structural Geology along with reviews.

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Advanced Structural Geology subject and came out with a recommended list of top 10 best books. The table below contains the Name of these best books, their authors, publishers and an unbiased review of books on "Advanced Structural Geology" as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not impact our reviews, comparisons, and listing of these top books; the table serves as a ready reckoner list of these best books.

1. “Recent Advances in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Microzonation (Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering)” by Atilla Ansal

“Recent Advances in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Microzonation (Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering)” Book Review: The book presents the broad spectrum of earthquake geotechnical engineering and seismic microzonation including strong ground motion, site characterisation, site effects, liquefaction, seismic microzonation, solid waste landfills and foundation engineering. The subject focuses on multidisciplinary fields like engineering seismology, soil dynamics, geotechnical and structural engineering.


2. “North-East India: Land, People and Economy (Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research)” by Kamal Ramprit Dikshit and Jutta K Dikshit

“North-East India: Land, People and Economy (Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research)” Book Review: The book starts with an introduction about “Word Order in the Wa Languages”. The book talks about seven states around Assam. It tells about the past, the physical environment, people, resources, and its economy. It considers the spatial distribution, lifestyle and culture of the indigenous people, outlining the unique features of each tribe. This book is recommended for the upper-division UG and above.


3. “Advances in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering (Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering)” by Michael N Fardis

“Advances in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering (Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering)” Book Review: This volume would interest scientists and advanced practitioners in structural earthquake engineering, geotechnical earthquake engineering, engineering seismology, and experimental dynamics. The book covers the topics like Ground motions for performance-based earthquake engineering followed by methodologies for performance-based seismic design and retrofitting, and many other related topics.


4. “Structural Geology” by Marland P Billings

“Structural Geology” Book Review: Some of the contents of the book are Structural Geology, Mechanical Principles, Description of Folds, Field Study of Folds, Office Techniques Used in Studying Folds, Mechanics and Causes of Folding, Thermal, Laboratory Exercises, Equal-Area Net, Index. The book focuses mainly on mathematical methods of dealing with several principles. The book contains references at the end of each chapter. The book can be attractive and helpful for Geologists.

5. “Structural Geology: Fundamentals and Modern Developments” by Ghosh

“Structural Geology: Fundamentals and Modern Developments” Book Review: The book emphasises on both classical as well as modern developments. Fundamental aspects of structural geology, techniques of geometrical analysis, principles of geological deformation and in-depth analysis of mechanisms of formation of geological structures, are some main concepts on which the book has given more of its focus. The book can be of use for the Geologists and professional environmentalists too. Students pursuing courses related to Geology can also read it.

6. “A Manual of Problems in Structural Geology” by N W Gokhale

“A Manual of Problems in Structural Geology” Book Review: The concept of True Dip Amount, Direction if the Geological body is bedded one, estimation of ore reserve, depth & thickness of the geological body, are described in the book and explanation of the method by which we can perform and achieve the above concepts are done very efficiently. The arrangement of topics and content in the book is very well such that the reader starts from the beginning and reaches the high-level and not just directly jumps to high-level content.

7. “Structural Geology” by Haakon Fossen

“Structural Geology” Book Review: The book contains concepts and theories in such a way that even an Undergraduate student is able to know about Structural Geology. Geology of groundwater and petroleum is also explained. The book contains numerous photos, study-problems, illustrations and learning modules in each chapter. The book starts with giving basic knowledge about the subject and some basic terms related to it. Then it moves towards the latest concepts. The book can prove out to be useful for Agriculture or Geology related students, Geologists, and environmentalists too.

8. “Engineering and General Geology” by Parbin Singh

“Engineering and General Geology” Book Review: In the start of the book, readers can find introduction on the topics like the Earth, Geological Work of Natural Agencies, Geological Work of Water, Geological Work of Glaciers, Structural Features of Rocks following which they will be able to find high-level topics like Geological Investigations, Dams and Reservoirs, Tunnels and Road Cuts, Improvement of Sites. It focuses on almost all the topics and latest theories that have something to describe the geographical condition and reason behind the happening of that condition in our planet Earth. The book focuses on Geologists and students related to Geography and Environment.

9. “Fundamentals of Structural Geology” by David D Pollard and Raymond C Fletcher

“Fundamentals of Structural Geology” Book Review: The book provides a different outline for Geological Structures, Mapping, Mechanical Analysis. The book is recommended to those who have a basic knowledge of physical geology, introductory calculus and physics. It explains about observational data, modern mapping technology, principles of continuum mechanics, and the mathematical and computational skills. The book contains several problems to solve after each chapter that would help the reader recall and understand the concepts that he/she has studied in each chapter. It also contains many questions related to maths from a low-level to higher ones.

10. “Continental Flood Basalts (Petrology and Structural Geology)” by J D Macdougall

“Continental Flood Basalts (Petrology and Structural Geology)” Book Review: The book explains about the important aspects of terrestrial volcanism like isotopic composition, age structure, chemical, and tectonics. It provides the readers with a mixture of writings on continental flood basalts. The book is all about Structural Geology, Rocks & Minerals, and Geochemistry. The book is useful for readers like Geologists, scientists, and can also be studied by undergraduate & graduate students. The information conveyed by the book is so easy to understand and is in a stepwise manner so that even a beginner could know what the book is all about.

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