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1. “Basic Concepts for Simple and Complex Liquids” by J L Barrat and J P Hansen

“Basic Concepts for Simple and Complex Liquids” Book Review: This book explains different theoretical methods and processes to understand the physics and chemistry of fluid state. The book contains various experiments and examples of molecular liquids. It mentions condensed matter systems like polymers, colloids and liquid crystals. This book is beneficial for graduate students of matter physics and physical chemistry.

2. “Statistical Mechanics” by D A McQuarrie

“Statistical Mechanics” Book Review: This book introduces classical theory and key concepts of launching pad. The book provides technical soundness, concepts of mixed and reduced state as well as building blocks theory. Equilibrium statistical mechanics and formal analysis are contained in this book. It covers lucidity with soundness.

3. “Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics” by R Kubo

“Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics” Book Review: This book covers theories of non equilibrium statistical mechanics. Fluctuation dissipation theorem is also included in the book. This book explains how to derive a macroscopic physical process from an underlying process. Other equilibrium states with external disturbances are present in this book. It focuses on the fundamental concepts and methods.

4. “Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases” by A Nitzan

“Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases” Book Review: This book covers dynamic processes of phase molecular systems. It contains the approaches, methodologies and analysis of condensed phases. Topics like quantum dynamics, matter of radiation and properties of solids and liquids are mentioned in this book. A basic mathematical introduction is present in the book. Quantum and classical correlation phenomena are mentioned in the book. The book provides stochastic process, density operator and quantum evolution in Liouville space. It describes linear response theory, spin boson model, vibration relaxation and energy transfer. Other topics like barrier crossing, diffusion, solvation dynamics and electron transfer are covered in this book. The book discusses electrodes, metal junction, bulk solvents and molecular spectroscopy.

5. “Advanced Process Dynamics and Control” by Sarkar Prabir Kumar

“Advanced Process Dynamics and Control” Book Review: This book introduces control technology. It covers simulation PCSA and examples on multi loop platforms and distillation columns. The book describes exothermic reactors, MIMO and nonlinear systems treatment. It discusses instrumentation systems, industrial practices with operations. The book mentions micro controllers, PLCs and computer based controllers. Computer programming procedures, graphic support and complex dynamic systems are covered in this book. It is suitable for the post graduate students of chemical engineering and control engineering. Even the professionals can get benefit from the book engaged in plant automation systems. This book highlights examples, solved exercises and practical applications. It covers controller synthesis and controller tuning. Other examples of control strategies with adaptive control are highlighted in this book.

6. “Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering (Computational Mechanics and Applied Analysis)” by Kalyan Annamalai and Ishwar K Puri

“Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering (Computational Mechanics and Applied Analysis)” Book Review: This book covers mathematical relations and equations. This book introduces thermodynamic processes, evaluation and phenomenological approach. There are 150 engineering examples present in the book. Illustrations of conservative and balance equations are mentioned in the book. This book contains graphs, tables, figures and summaries of each chapter and formulas. It highlights the spreadsheet software of the applications.

7. “Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers” by D Winterbone FEng BSc PhD DSc FIMechE MSAE and Ali Turan

“Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers” Book Review: This book includes thermodynamics for the graduate and postgraduate graduate students. It explains the approaches to cycle, it’s irreversibility and study of combustion. The book describes the conversion of chemical energy into thermal energy and emissions. Conversion of chemical energy to electric power is also present in the book. This book covers property relationship, temperature plant and irreversible thermodynamics. Different worked examples, exercises and solutions are included in the book. It highlights equilibrium perspective and its effects.

8. “Chemical Thermodynamics: Advanced Applications” by J Bevan Ott and Juliana Boerio-Goates

“Chemical Thermodynamics: Advanced Applications” Book Review: This book acts as a guide for practicing scientists. It covers thermodynamic relationships, limitations and conditions. Thermodynamic equations are covered in this book. This book includes real systems examples and generic examples. Other data sources and reading sources are highlighted in this book. This book is a good reference for people in chemical thermodynamics.

9. “Chemical Dynamics in Extreme Environments (Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry)” by Rainer A Dressler

“Chemical Dynamics in Extreme Environments (Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry)” Book Review: This book covers macroscopic phenomena at molecular levels. It mentions molecular dynamics in exotic conditions. Information on chemical dynamics, phenomenology and extreme environments are present in the book. This book includes chemical mechanisms and elaboration of chemical coupling. It highlights a balance between theory and experiment. Other gas phases, surface dynamics and geophysical environments are covered here.

10. “Advanced Molecular Dynamics and Chemical Kinetics” by Gert Due Billing and Kurt V Mikkelsen

“Advanced Molecular Dynamics and Chemical Kinetics” Book Review: This book includes molecular reaction dynamics theories and chemical kinetics. It is beneficial for the PhD and postdoctoral researchers. Other mathematical techniques are present in the book. This book covers topics such as quantization, semi classical theory, quantum theory and Feynman path. Wave Packet propagation, photodissociation and solvated molecules are mentioned in the book. It contains quantum models, electron and proton transfers. This book acts as a reference for professionals and researchers in molecular dynamics.

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